Journal of Acute Medicine

Journal of Acute Medicine


期刊名 / Journal Title:Journal of Acute Medicine

出版者 / Publisher(s): 台灣急診醫學會 & Ainosco Press

語文 / Language: 英文
刊期別 / Frequency: 季刊(三月、六月、九月、十二月)

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About Journal of Acute Medicine (JACME)
Journal of Acute Medicine (JACME) is the official peer-reviewed and open access publication of the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine. The journal is published quarterly by airiti press. It aims to publish high quality scientific and clinical research in all fields of acute care medicine including emergency medicine, critical care, trauma and health policy with the goal of promoting and disseminating medical science knowledge to improve global health.
JACME accepts reviews, original articles, case reports, short communications, letters to the editor and make your diagnosis for publication.

About the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine
The Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine(TSEM) is the largest national medical specialty organization representing physicians who practice emergency medicine. Founded in 1994 by Professor Sheng-Chuan Hu and about 200 physicians sharing a commitment to improving the quality of Taiwan’s emergency care.

TSEM is dedicated to the improvement of emergency care of acutely ill and injured patients in hospital and pre-hospital environments by improving research and education in the specialty.

The missions of TSEM are as follow:
To promote research in emergency medicine.
To improve the quality of emergency care in hospital and pre-hospital environments.
To popularize resuscitation skills.
To facilitate the interchange of clinical experiences in emergency medicine.
To develop and monitor an emergency medicine residency program.
To promote international and inter-specialty academic interchange and collaboration.
To advance continuing medical education in the specialty.
To promote the general welfare of emergency medicine.

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Publication date 2023年3月1日