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Nusantara: an International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (NIJHSS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal principally focusing on Indonesia and Southeast Asia. NIJHSS is based in Taiwan and the wider scope of the journal also includes the larger Austronesian world. NIJHSS publishes high-quality and peer-reviewed research papers in the academic disciplines of humanities and social sciences related to Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Austronesian world. NIJHSS's mission is to promote, advance, and facilitate scholarship from both inside and outside the region of Southeast Asia by providing a combination of voices from senior academics to young potential researchers. NIJHSS welcomes submissions from scholars working in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences as well as interdisciplinary cooperation of researchers.
Architectural Orientation and Layout in Bali: A Fusion of the Local Ideas and the Introduced Indian Vastu-Shastra Ideas
En-Yu Huang
Keywords: Bali, India, Vastu-Shastra, Hinduism, architecture, orientation, layout
pp. 1–25
Emergence of a New Identity Through Migration: A Comparative Case Study of Sri Lankan Tamil Women in Sri Lanka and Singapore
Diotima Chattoraj
Keywords: return migration, meaning of home, Sri Lankan Tamils, Singapore, Sri Lanka
pp. 26–46
Creating Digital Resources for Innovative Indonesian L2 Language Learning
D. Victoria Rau, Ganda Christian Panggabean, Priska Lydia S. Pulungan
Keywords: materials development, Indonesian, digital humanities
pp. 47–67
Social Responsibility and SMEs in Local-Rural Community: A Case Study of Traceability System Among “Emping” Producers in Pandeglang, Indonesia
Kiki Khoifin, Chatrudee Jongsureyapart
Keywords: social responsibility, small medium enterprises (SMEs), local-rural community, traceability, food supply chain
pp. 68–89
Virtual Ethnographic Study on Radicalism
Dudy Imanudin, Lili Awaludin, Ahmad Sarbini
Keywords: radicalism, virtual ethnography, rational-emotive counseling
pp. 90–112
An Investigation Into why Buddhism Mixed With Hinduism in Southeast Asia: Indonesia as an Example
Pochi Huang
Keywords: coexistence, Īśvara, Tantric Buddhism, Śaivism, royal patronage
pp. 113–129